The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ironbridge is just 5 miles from your holiday home here at Morrells Wood Farm. Be sure to take your camera, as it’s setting is as beautiful as it is spectacular, spanning the River Severn and across the wooded slopes of Ironbridge Gorge. It’s well worth a visit during your stay here in Shropshire, with a plethora of museums dedicated to history of the local area.

Ironbridge is perhaps Britain’s most well known industrial monument, and today, it’s hard to imagine this picture postcard setting was once the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution.

Back in 1709, Abraham Darby initiated the use of coal for smelting iron. This resulted in the production of better quality iron which could be made much faster than had ever before. With the abundance of coal in east Shropshire, Coalbrookdale soon became a hub for modern industry. For many decades, crossing the river to bring coal to the foundries required using one of the number of ferries that operated across the Severn. So in 1776, King George III approved an act to build a toll bridge. Thus, the first bridge in the world ever to be built of cast iron was born. Designed by architect Thomas Pritchard and built by the grandson of Abraham Darby, Abraham Darby III, it would soon become a recognised symbol of the Industrial Revolution.

There are ten award-winning Museums dotted alongside the gorge where you can revisit life as it was over a 100 years ago. There’s also a good choice of cafés and pubs that can be found within a short walk from the bridge itself plus a Museum and Gift Shop that sells a large range of gift ideas and souvenirs.

There’s something for all ages to provide a great family day out. The bridge today is now free to cross, and tickets for the museums can be purchased separately and on entry. Alternatively, a Family Annual Passport can be purchased allowing you revisit as many times as you like throughout the year.

There are numerous car parks near each of the museums. For the Ironbridge itself, follow car park signs for ‘Ironbridge Museums’.

By car, Ironbridge is easy to get to from our farm. If you’re feeling fit, guests staying at our holiday cottages have in the past been able to walk from Morrells Wood Farm across the fields to the gorge. However, prepare for a long day’s hiking if you choose to do so – and aching limbs by the time you return from a very much rewarding day.

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